Desktop Scouting White Paper V7

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Find out more about how to mitigate risks to project schedule and budget, and reduce field scouting time by identifying route or site challenges early on. 

Plan for Project Certainty

Success is front-loaded

There’s no magic bullet for seamlessly scouting and planning your project route or site, but success is difficult without a collaborative approach that involves subject matter experts, the right information, and digital innovation early on in the process.

  • Reduce expensive change orders
  • Accurately forecast costs
  • Capture stakeholder input early
  • Mitigate risks to project schedule

well pad 3

3D Scout Tool

Challenger's proprietary, in-house 3D Scout software allows users to visualize site access and rough grading of padsites. 

planworx gis screen capture

PlanworX GIS

Customized web-based mapping and data maintenance solution. We have the ability to manage multiple types of geospatial data. 

UAV flythrough 3

3D Visualization

Using UAV imagery and survey data, an immersive 3D point cloud projects your proposed route or site into the real world. 

bare earth lidar 3

Immersive Data Sets

Integrate with our extensive survey data sets to visualize local boundaries and site conditions and better understand the footprint.